Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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New Celebrity Hair Styles

This week(May 22, 2006) there are 11 new celebrity photo additions. The celebrities are selected based on the uniqueness of their hair styles. We try to include a big variety of looks to give you the best ideas for your own hair.

Below is a summary of the celebrity hair styles added

  1. Lindsey Lohan, partial updo
  2. Eva Longoria, long hair style
  3. Nich Lachey, medium men's hair style
  4. Jennifer Lopez, messy updo
  5. Ashton Kutcher, mystery hair style
  6. Jon Bon Jovi, long layered men's hair style
  7. Teri Hatcher, long wavy, layered hair style
  8. Avril Lavigne, extra long curly blonde hair style
  9. Shakira, straight, partial updo hair style
  10. Salma Hayek, long, slightly wavy hair style
  11. Martha Stewart, medium length layered hair style

If you visit the various sections at, you will be able get specific styling instructions for these new hair style additions.

Have a great hair week!

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Best Hair Style May 22, 2005

Best Hair Styles

This week's best hair style is Martha Stewart's medium length hair style. Options this spring are even greater as the curly hair style is back in style, along with the ever popular straight long hair style.

This week's Best Hair Style was selected because it is totally different than all the long, curly or straight hair styles you see today. The hair style features lots of layering and is medium in length.

Martha Stewart Hair Styles
Not only is she the queen of cooking (and everything else) but this week she receives the Best Hair Style of the week award.

Her medium length hair style (also seen at features many long layers, starting around the cheekbone level.

Her bangs are kept long and are side-swept. The crown area has a little height in it and the part is on the far side, and somewhat undefined.
Photorazzi/Chris Hatcher

The angles and layers offers a great frame for her face shape and brings out the best of her features. Color and highlights also play a factor in the way the hair style frames her face.

To create this style, apply a volumizing product and blow dry using a round brush. Use the round brush to create a little volume in the crown area.

Finish off the style by running a flat iron from roots to ends and add shine serum. For a variation of this style, flip the ends up slightly with the flat iron.

For extra help in keeping certain strands in place, apply pomade where needed.
In short, medium hair styles that look good or are different than the typical straight look are hard to find. Martha Stewart's hair looks very unique and does a great job of framing and accentuating facial features in a good way.

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