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Modern Celebrity Takes on the Classic Bob Haircut

Olivia Munn ,The combination of an uneven, slightly off-center part and soft, shiny waves creates easy elegance. Curl a few sections of hair with a large-barreled curling iron or take advantage of your natural wave. Part hair, tousle and mist with light-hold hairspray.
The pageboy is a classic bob, only with bangs. Dianna Agron takes on this ageless 'do and kicks it up a notch. Razored to create extreme layers and a ton of texture, she's got a look that requires only a minimum amount of effort for maximum style. To recreate Dianna's look at home, tip head upside down while blow-drying, then ruffle with fingers and mist with a light-hold hairspray.
Cate's short bob has lots of layers that have been well-blended to create softness, allowing hair to flow rather than just move. Her bangs, swept across her forehead, are effortlessly incorporated into the layers. To style, blow-dry damp hair using a round brush to create smoothness, a slight bend at the ends and volume in the crown. Little or no styling products are needed.

Keira Knightley's geometric cut has remained popular since Vidal Sassoon first created it in the 1960s. This bob is precisely layered in the back to create more movement and lift through the crown. The front sections are cut at a slight angle, creating a perfect frame for her face and curving just under the jaw line. To style, blow-dry hair using a round brush and spritz with spray-shine.

Milla Jovovich's bob is slightly graduated at the neckline with subtly angled sides. It can be worn smooth and face-framing, or with a little volume and texture for a bit of edginess. To create Milla's sweeping bangs, blow-dry with a round brush, pulling hair away from the face. A little backcombing through the crown and a medium-hold hairspray provide the finishing touches.

Brooklyn Decker's 'do is a slightly modified version of the classic bob.  By adding more layers and a lot of texture with swipes of a straight razor, she gets more movement and volume without having to overload on gels, creams or hairspray. It's an easy length to straighten with either a flat-iron or blow-dry with a round brush. To finish, use a small amount of styling product for added texture and light hold.

Keri Hilson's unexpected take on a classic is completely original. Her choppy, face-framing layers and full bangs are heavily razored with a longer, one-inch section left at collar-bone length. Style with a flat-iron to get hair completely straight and smooth. Then, add texturizing product or plenty of light-hold hairspray to define your layers.


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Modern Celebrity Short Classic Haircut

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Top 10 David Beckham Hairstyles

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Hot EMO Girls Hairstyles

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Haircut Style Norman Reedus - Short Hairstyles

Many celebrities are beautiful and a very handsome actor, I'm now inspired with a handsome actor and really cool especially from her hairstyle (Norman Reedus) is so captivating, who he is? I will be introducing a style of haircut and the figure of a Norman Reedus.

Norman Reedus-everyone must have recognized it, do you already know him, maybe I'm not going to discuss the matter of the introduction of Norman Reedus, still I will introduce the latest haircut style Norman Reedus.

The figure of a Norman Reedus so handsome and charming looks, you can see from his cool style, let alone the short haircut styles him it could make the women falling hearts.

Reedus is a man who many actors play in a variety of films, has since started his career in 1997, he was already playing to 50 movies, woow cool right. very unusual within a few years he had already starred in 50 movies.

Well known in Boondock, Norman Reedus began when she had the most extraordinary performance. Yes as we can see now that he has a style that is very cool look of short hair styles.

Norman Reedus New Style - Haircuts Trendy 2012
haircut style Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus Haircuts Trendy New Years
hairstyles Norman Reedus

Actor Norman Reedus Styles
latest new style Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus - Actor Hollywood Hairstyles
short haircut Norman Reedus

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Medium Haircut Kyle Orton - Hairstyles Football Players Blonde

Kyle Orton style hairs blondeStar football players always have to be an inspiration to me, especially to his hair style that is so cool. I'll share a style of haircut Kyle Orton a Professional Football Player.

Kyle Orton-everyone must have known him. He is a man of birth, Altoona, November 14, 1982 it is one of Professional Football players that are really cool and one of the players are very popular particularly in Team-his "Kansas City Chiefs".

A figure of Kyle Orton is well-suited to emulate the style of her haircut, handsome man, became one of the public spotlight especially Gallery Idea Hairstyle, I will give you an example of a handsome man haircut styles.

Kyle Orton has a hairstyle that standard, or can we call the Medium medium this Hairstyle, usually worn the hairstyle athletes football, before I already give a stylish haircut one football player, Matt Jones, how the Hairstyle you've got the idea to style her hair, okay now you should be able to try his style Kyle Orton he is also a football player who is almost like Matt Jones. Kyle Orton and Matt Jones they different team and they are also different style haircuts. If Kyle Orton has a piece of hair styles medium, blonde colored and very handsome look.

okay, what is the story about the hair style now, rather interesting and funny.

Kyle Orton Player Football Hairstyle - Man Handsome Haircuts
Kyle Orton hairstyle blonde

Hairs Style Kyle Orton - Football Players Kansas City Chiefs
Football Medium hairs, Kyle Orton medium styles

Haircut Blonde Medium - Kyle Orton
Kyle Orton haircuts

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New Face Emo Hairstyle 2012 - Haircuts for Women

New Face Emo Hairstyle
New Face Emo Hairstyle - Haircut Emo Women 2012

Long Wavy Haircuts - Women Wear Exotic

haircuts wear exotic hairstyles
Haircut Long Wavy - Wear Exotic Hairstyles for your Homecoming

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Ideas Hairstyle Catherine Zeta Jones Wavy Haircut

Celebrity Catherine Zeta Jones hairstyle
Celebrity Hairstyle - Catherine Zeta Jones Wavy Haircut

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Celebrity Billie Piper Beautiful Medium Haircut

Celebrity Billie Piper Hairstyle
Celebrity Billie Piper Beautiful 2011 Hair Styles - Women Medium Haircut

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SAG Awards 2011 Best Trendy Hairstyle Ideas

 SAG Awards 2011 Best Trendy Hairstyle Ideas
Best Trendy Hairstyle Ideas at SAG Awards 2011 - Women Haircuts

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Ashley Judd Ideas Hairstyle 2011 - Women Medium Haircut

Ashley Judd hairstyle women 2012
Ashley Judd Ideas Hairstyle 2011 - Women Medium Haircuts Trendy in Celebrity

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Women in Day Christmas Hairstyle Amy Smart

Amy Smart hairstyle 2011 new
Amy Smart New Hairstyle 2011 For Women in Day Christmas

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Hairstyle Alicia Keys - Women Haircut 2012

Alicia Keys HairStyles women
Alicia Keys Hair Styles for Women Haircut 2012

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Adriana Lima Hairstyle - Women Haircuts Trends 2012

Adriana Lima Hairstyle women
Adriana Lima Hairstyle - Women Haircuts Trends 2012
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Short Hairstyles for Women

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Straight Hairstyles For Women By Sofia Vergara

Sofia Margarita Vergara be natural July 10, 1972. Vergara have be extensively recognized pro co-hosting two TV show in support of Univision inside the behind 1990s. Her television vocation open up and about on behalf of her casement of revelation toward North American audience former toward her initial prominent drama work within English, the 2003 movie Chasing Papi.

 This be maybe the bang hair so as to shaped the reply of bang hair fame behind it be initial tatty through runway model. The seem be new as well as original moreover we appreciated it.

 It highlight eye, you might desire on the way to up and doing your eye makeup skill since it do create the eye a central tip.

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